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7 steps to being an influential brand on social media

This post was written by Kuku Sobodu – Digital Account Executive at Lexis.


We live in an age where everyone and their grandmother is online. Seriously, you’d be surprised as to who and what has a social media account! Today’s brands dwell in an online arena that is saturated; brands and consumers alike are battling to be truly prominent, impactful and influential.

To this end, we’ve put together the following seven tips, which every brand should use to help stand out – boldly and confidently – in an ever-changing social media climate. So, without further ado:

1. Don’t focus on your products

It’s time to beat the misconception that paints content marketing as a detailed way for brands to talk about its products and services. Instead content marketing should be engaging information linked to your brand’s industry. To make sure you are keeping to best practice try this formula: 80/90% of your content is industry related, with the remaining 10/20% being promotional content.

2. Always be authentic

It’s hard to get away with being anyone but yourself on social media these days. Your fans and those who are not your fans will see right through it and errr, chase you down. With this in mind it’s super important for brands to know who they are and be exactly that on social. Make sure you have an opinion and let it be on the right things so you can hold your own in conversation and be truly authentic

3. Quality over quantity

As a brand, it’s normal to want to have a large following on social media, truly it creates the illusion of influence. But that’s just it. In many cases it is an illusion. It’s important to understand that on social media quality trumps quantity. Does your audience trust you and agree with you? Do they like and comment. What’s your engagement like?

4. Are you listening

What is being said about you, your competitors and your wider industry? What is being said about your audience’s interests? Make sure you’re on top of this, so that you can be a step ahead in your communications.

5. High profile key words

Key words are every brand’s best friend. Not only are they important for driving traffic, but for building brand influence also. Keyword research can help you optimise your content to build a large following by causing you to rank highly in online search.

6. Your network is your networth – get connecting

As a person it’s very hard to be credible without anyone to vouch for you. The same goes for brands. So it’s important that you are connected to influencers. As credible, trusted and authentic sources, establishing the right relationships and partnerships can do wonders for your brand’s reach and your reputation.

7. Data, data, data

There’s nothing worse than brands that continue to push out content that suits their needs but that is detested by its consumer. Take time to understand your consumers and give them what they want, the way they want it. Use data to inform your content creation and strategy. Use the analytics to find out what works, what doesn’t work, also use it to find out when it works best.

If you have more tips, share them with us! Sharing is caring and it’s also social media currency ;)