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Is the 30 second video dead?

Bravery is key to the rise of long form

Over the last few years we have been led to believe that people are extremely time poor, with short attention spans, riddled with Attention Deficit Disorder. As a result we’ve delivered content in short, easy to digest bursts, often in 5-30 seconds formats, 140 characters or one page ads.

Whilst they served a purpose, are we seeing a shift from this method of marketing? The answer is most definitely yes.

In March 2014, RapidTVNews reported that ad views on long-form digital content grew 86% year-over-year. Journalism, which has struggled to compete with the 24hours news cycle and the rise of 140 character reporting, has also begun to shift tact with the launch of several slow-storytelling platforms, Narratively being one such example.


The trick with long form marketing, that these two examples nailed, is developing content that doesn’t make you feel like your watching one long ad. Perhaps if we treat content like mini film premiers, broken free of the 5 second & click YouTube shackles, not only will we draw more viewers but as producers and directors, we’ll have the ability to deliver a brand’s message with even more freedom.

What this boils down to is calculated bravery. Bringing together a team of content producers to develop quality output that people will want to take time out to watch, get engulfed in and become cured of their ADD too!

By Julian Cirrone, Account Director