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Lexis announced as an official marketing and communications partner for ‘Maritime Connects’, a global initiative for UK enterprise spearheaded by The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council

We’re delighted to announce that Lexis is an official marketing and communications partner for ‘Maritime Connects’, an initiative spearheaded by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) with the aim of rapidly driving economic growth, job creation and prosperity throughout the Commonwealth. Maritime Connects, announced at The House of Commons today, aims to rapidly accelerate and assist growth of UK exports and investment across all 52 Commonwealth markets.

The initiative leverages the latest technology to rapidly accelerate and assist the growth of UK exports and investment across the 52 Commonwealth markets, representing 1/3 of the world’s population and with a combined GDP of $10.4 trillion. Ourselves, as an official communications and marketing partner will provide companies with the necessary marketing solutions for success and will offer a suite of services across the marketing cycle, from market-sizing and scoping through to business planning, strategy and implementation of campaigns in-market. We will support with expert consultancy at each or any stage and will also take on full delivery of outputs when required.

Increasing trade with other Commonwealth countries is a huge opportunity for UK businesses. There is a clear appetite for British products and services in the largest Commonwealth markets and this growth is what Maritime Connects aims to facilitate. Today, we’re also publishing independent research, which polled 1000 consumers from Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, India and Canada, and was carried out by our Next 15 partner, Morar Consulting.

The research suggests that The Commonwealth, now more than ever, presents a unique and timely opportunity to ambitious UK exporters seeking to grow their businesses internationally, UK goods and services are regarded as the most popular imports, ahead of US, German, Japanese, Chinese and French. Almost three quarters of respondents (72%) overall feel they have more shared cultural values with the UK than with any other countries in Europe whilst 84% of Indian respondents share this opinion.

The majority of respondents feel positive about the future of their country’s relationship with the UK, with 59% thinking the relationship will be ‘stronger’ by 2020. 16-29 yr olds feel most positive (70%) than other age groups polled, with respondents from India feeling overwhelmingly more positive (88%) than other countries polled.

With regards to Brexit, almost three quarters of respondents (70%) say that it has not altered or it has improved their opinion of the UK; over one third (35%) of Indian respondents now think more positively about the UK following Brexit.

The vast majority of respondents (76%) consider UK goods and services to be ‘quality’. However almost half of respondents (45%) find them ‘good value’ and almost one fifth (17%) find them ‘exciting’ which could indicate an opportunity for budding businesses looking to market themselves across this vast region.

We’re thrilled to be part of such an important project for the future growth of the UK and look forward to the huge opportunities that this will present!