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The importance of engaging in key seasonal events

This post was written by Huwaina Amir, a Digital account manager at Lexis


With Father’s Day just having passed, and both online and offline channels being invaded with momentous campaigns and promotions, I thought it would be a good time to write about the importance of engaging in key seasonal events.

Every brand has its own values and heritage, these calendar dates give brands the chance to celebrate who they are, show off their vision and live and breathe their brand essence.

With the new financial year starting in July, for many businesses, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure marketing activities are in sync with their target audience’s needs and time based interest. This means ensuring effective planning – not just around holiday dates, but also other calendar based events, in line with your customers’ thought processes and motivations. It is important to get involved where appropriate rather than shamelessly hopping on every hot topic, trying to shoehorn this in an attempt to drive sales, as this can dilute the brand’s key messaging.
The stance should rather be to have a seasonal calendar and keep on top of news, participating on dates that abide by and reflect the brand pillars. Oreos are great at their agile marketing – making the most of current trends, news and seasonal events. Examples of this include supporting Gay Pride, the Super Bowl blackout, the birth of the rare giant panda baby (couldn’t resist to add the cute image below), amongst many others.


Once the relevant events have been shortlisted, it’s all about finding the right channels for marketing comms and delivering activities creatively, uplifting the brand perception and providing a form of engagement or benefit to your audience. The key is to get involved before the peak, so that you can establish yourselves as leaders, rather than group yourselves amongst the followers, and to have an integrated approach, so not to allow the activities be episodic. This will provide your customers the opportunity to be part of a journey and maintain front of mind awareness.

In summary, the key ‘takeaways’ from this are:

– Know who you are as a brand and understand your customers’ needs and motivations

– Plan ahead and embed key seasonal dates in your marketing calendar, but also keep on top of news to not miss the chance to build a relationship with your customers where possible

– Only participate in activities where events are in line with your brand essence and your customers’ world

– Find the right channel to deliver your key message and ensure it benefits both your brand and your customers